Event Leadership is an organic network for event freelancers that stands and grows on the personal experiences and recommendations of its members.
As a community, many things become easier and we help each other even in difficult times. If you would like to be part of Event Leadership, we want to get to know you.

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Working independently is not the same as working alone. With Event Leadership, we are creating a community that aims to pool your individual skills and promote respectful and value-creating exchange amongst each other.

To this end, we hold monthly meetups, network via direct contact, and help each other with issues beyond pure job placement, such as contract issues or dealing with fees. The shortage of skilled workers on the market is bringing us closer together.

We are much more a team than mutual competition.

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Benefits for freelancers:

  • Job inquiries tailored to your own level of competence and experience
  • Direct customer contact - we mediate but do not interfere
  • Commission is paid by the client
  • Request vacation replacement
  • Regular exchange in a lively and friendly community